First Appearance Grand Opening
Friends Ernest, Culdee
Voiced By enterprisingengine93
Wilfred is a mountain engine. 


Wilfred was built at the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works in Winterthur, Switzerland in 1895 and arrived on Sodor in 1900.

In 1963, his controller asked Wilfred to visit the Kirkdale branch to watch the Rhyndale Railway's double header pass by.

When Culdee returned to the Culdee Fell Railway in 1964 after an overhaul, Wilfred and Ernest informed him of the arrival of Lord Harry, Alaric, and Eric. He and his coach were later delayed at Summit after Lord Harry derailed at the points, lecturing him about the importance of good work.


Wilfred is a friendly and cheerful mountain engine that takes pride in his work and knows its importance. He is good friends with Culdee and Ernest. Being the No. 3 of the Culdee Fell Railway, he is known as the musical engine by the other mountain engines because he likes to whistle as he ascends and descends the steep hills.


Season 1

Non-canon appearances

Culdee Fell Railway
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