First Appearance Branch Line Bother
Friends None
Voiced By Open for audition.
 Smudger was a reckless engine who worked on the Mid Sodor Railway from 1881-1947.


Smudger was built in 1963 at Fletcher, Jennings, and Co. as a prototype for Rheneas and Dolgoch.

He was purchased by the Mid Sodor Railway in 1881 arrived there by ship.

In 1902, he was taking a train of gunpowder wagons when he derailed and Proteus took the train the rest of the way. Smudger could have been blown to bits by the wagons if it wasn't for his come-off-the-rails attitude.

In 1903, Duke tried to warn him to be careful, but Smudger never listened to his advice. He was finally punished by being turned into a generator and being put behind the engine shed.

He remained a generator until he broke down in 1947 where he was left to rust.


Smudger is a complete show-off, cocky, rude, arrogant and often comes off the rails. He doesn't care about his work or any other engine because he's so self-centered. He is careless, and often rides roughly. He doesn't care what anybody thinks, and he pays for it.