This page is for the second season.


  1. Rex's Arlesdale Ghost Story - Rex tells the Arlesdale engines a ghost story about Proteus.
  2. Branch Line Bother - Neville is assigned to the Rhyn-arles branch line, while Mike has whistle troubles.
  3. Lingering Luggage - A new, inexperienced porter causes trouble for Neville and his train.
  4. Backstories and Buffers - A new engine named Arthur tells the engines his backstory on the LMS.
  5. 'Draggled Diesels - Two diesels named Benson and Cromford arrive, and cause trouble.
  6. Billy, Arthur, and the Important Train - A diesel named Spamcan arrives to help, but is very mean.
  7. Opposition - Hank and a new engine named Murdoch are coaxed into a contest of strength.
  8. Tricky Timetables - The engines have trouble adjusting to the new timetables introduced.
  9. Discovery - Arthur discovers the bankrupt Misty Logging Co. and tries to help them.
  10. Restoration - The Rhyndale team starts the restoration of the old logging company.
  11. Rocket - Stephen visits Rhyndale, and tells the engines a spine-tingling story.
  12. Home for the Holidays - Molly is sent to help on the NWR during Christmas, but misses her Rhyndale friends.


  • This season's episodes (apart from Rex's Arlesdale Ghost Story and Home for the Holidays) were originally season 1 episodes, but were pushed back.
  • The episodes were written by Rhyndale Railway, TheBlueSunil, DonaldDouglasandToby6, and Dragonmdk.
  • The episodes were filmed and directed by Rhyndale Railway.




  • (TBC)

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