This page is for the first season.

This season started airing with the pilot episode on April 2nd, 2014. It then began airing regularly on June 9th, 2014.


  1. Dennis, Billy, and Hank - Dennis has an accident at the quarry, and Preston has a chase with Billy.
  2. Double Rescue - Hank gets switched to an old line by Dennis, and thanks to this finds and rescues Neil.
  3. Overloaded - Jack and the Pack have too much work and start to complain.
  4. Chills and Spills - When Billy goes to the works after an accident, Derek comes to fill in and has troubles.
  5. Rosie - A new engine named Rosie arrives to help while Billy and Derek are away for repairs.
  6. Grand Opening - The grand opening of the Rhyndale Railway is here, and the engines are excited.
  7. Neville and the Coaches - Neville arrives and has trouble with some coaches.
  8. Quarry Quarrel - Due to a feud in the quarry, Culdee has to collect some TNT, and take it to Kirk Machan.
  9. Blast From the Past - Hank's old friend Connor visits from America, and the two share their stories.
  10. Flora - A new steam tram arrives on the Rhyndale Railway, just in time to help out with passengers.
  11. Extravagant Entrance - Molly, a powerful D56 arrives on Rhyndale for the longer passenger runs.
  12. New Year's - The Rhyndale engines hold a party, but are worried when Billy doesn't arrive.




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