First Appearance Pilot
Friends Jack, Alfie, Thumper, Isobella
Voiced By Rhyndale Railway

Preston is a lorry whom was nicknamed "Smashed" by Thomas.


When Preston arrived on Sodor, along with "Broken" and "Sunk," he was rude to the engines until he had an accident. He was filled with stone, and slid off a mountainside. He met the engines again and was still rude.

After his incident, he was repaired in Ireland with the salvagable parts two other lorrries. The horrors of losing his brothers has hindered Preston's happiness. When he was rebuilt, the workers named him Preston after the driver whom was injured in the incident.

When he returned to Sodor, he became a member of The Pack.


Prior to his incident, Preston was rude, haughty and gruff. He loved to tease engines and get them into predicaments. Subsequent to his incident, Preson is occasionally grumpy, and has a good heart deep inside.



  • When he was one of the Horrid Lorries, he had a licenceplate that read "LOR 2."