• First Appearance: N/A
  • Friends: Duck, Donald and Douglas, Toad
  • Voice Actor:N/A
  • Class: GWR 14xx 0-4-2T
  • Designer: Charles B. Collett
  • Builder: Swindon Works
  • Configuration: 0-4-2T
  • Built: August 1934, rebuilt 1959

Oliver is a Great Western Engine who works on the Little Western.


Oliver was escaping scrap with Isabel and Toad, when he ran out of coal. He was found and taken to a scrapyard, but was rescued by Douglas. He then came to work on the North Western Railway. He worked on Duck's branch line, and is happy with his life.


He was saved from being scrapped on the other railway by Douglas. Oliver is considered as brave and a good role model to the other engines. Being a generally well behaved engine, he is usually laid back and doesn't get into controversies that much.


  • Rhyndale Railway owns two models of Oliver, a 2004 and a 2006 edition. 


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