Old Stuck-Up
Old Stuck-Up
First Appearance Unknown
Friends Bowler, Spamcan
Voiced By Open for audition.

Diesel 40125, nicknamed "Old Stuck-Up" by James is an arrogant diesel.


BoCo was to show the visiting diesel around, but when he saw steam engines in the shed he refused to go further and insulted the NWR for keeping them in service. A furious James bestowed upon him the nickname "Old Stuck-Up".

The next day, Old Stuck-Up was about to leave when he remembered he needed refueling. He attempted to use BoCo and Bear's part of the shed to be refuelled and cleaned, but slid on cleaning fluid on the rails and crashed into the back of the shed. He was sent home after being talked to severely by the Fat Controller; BoCo noted that while he couldn't hear everything, he didn't think it sounded particularly flattering.


Old Stuck-Up is rude and arrogant, as seems to be the norm with visiting diesels, and believes that steam power is subpar to diesel.


  • Unlike most Diesels, Old Stuck-Up's number wasn't fictional. When the new TOPs numbering system was introduced, all Class 40's were numbered between 40 001 - 40 199. The real 40125 was withdrawn from service and cut up at Swindon Works in May 1981, three years before the setting of "Old Stuck-Up".


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