First Appearance Unknown
Friends Bill and Ben, Timothy
Voiced By Open for audition.

Marion is a self-propelled steam shovel who works in the China Clay Quarry.


Marion works at the China Clay Works along with Bill, Ben, and Timothy. She uses her shovel to dig out rocks and stone and fills trucks.


Marion is a bubbly and funny railway steam shovel, who loves her job. She is very enthusiastic. She doesn't just love digging, she also loves talking and her favorite thing of all is talking about digging. She likes to think of herself as well-informed and is happy to share her knowledge of anything and everything, from correct railway practice to natural history. Marion works at the China Clay Pits with Bill and Ben and Timothy. She has her own steam driven engine so she can move from place to place. She can even pull her own trucks, but she prefers not to. She’d much rather stick to the jobs she knows best: digging and talking about digging.


Marion is based on a rail mounted Marion Revolving Steam Shovel.


  • Season 1: possible mentions
Sodor China Clay Works
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