Lingering Luggage
Season 2, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date 2015 (anticipated)
Written by Rhyndale Railway
Co-written by: TheBlueSunil,
Directed by Rhyndale Railway
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Lingering Luggage is the third episode of the second season.


It has been three weeks without delay on Neville's interchange trains to the Arlesdale Railway. It seemed like a regular day, but Ffarllyn's usual porter was sick, and an unexperienced substitute does his job instead. Neville is loading his passengers, but the careless porter doesn't load the luggage. The impatient porter gives the all clear to the guard, and Neville leaves. A few minutes later, the manager sees the luggage on the station platform and quickly runs to the sheds. She sees the only engine resting is Molly, and quickly jumps into her cab, loads the luggage on a truck, and chases Neville.




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