Ivo Hugh
  • First Appearance:
  • Friends:
  • Voice Actor: Up for Audition
  • Designer: Andrew Barclay
  • Builder: Sodor Steamworks
  • Configuration: 0-4-2T
  • Built:  1996

Ivo Hugh, named after the Skarloey Railway's former foreman, Mr. Ivo Hugh, is a young narrow-gauge tank engine.


Ivo Hugh was built by the workmen of the Steamworks for the Skarloey Railway to help out with the additional traffic that had come to the line over the years. He was named after the Chief Engineer of the Maintenance Crew, Mr. Hugh, who thought it a great honour to have an engine named after him. Not much is known about Ivo Hugh, as he never spoke in the last book to feature the Skarloey Railway. He relies on the knowledge and experience of the older engines to help get his jobs done.

Skarloey Railway
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