First Appearance Pilot
Friends Raymond
Voiced By Rhyndale Railway's Dad

Horace is an extremely grumpy crane and an occasional antagonist in the series.


Horace arrived on Sodor in 1954, along with the rest of the Pack. He worked at the Sodor China Clay company for a few years until the quarry was destroyed by a landslide. Horace was rebuilt after that.

As of 1962, Horace often works at Goodland, loading cargo from the road and rails.


Horace is irritable and lazy. He is quick to anger and very rude. He gives other engines hard times.


  • Horace's model made faceless cameos in the end credits sequence, a crane at the quarry and a crane by Ffarllyn. He did not appear with a face because it was not attached until April 1.


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