• First Appearance: Dennis, Billy, and Hank
  • Friends: Billy, Stanley, Neville
  • Enemies: Dennis
  • Voice Actor: Rhyndale Railway
  • Class: Pennsylvania Railroad K4 Pacific
  • Designer: J.T. Wallis, Alfred W. Gibbs, and Axel Vogt
  • Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works
  • Configuration: 4-6-2
  • Built: 1914

Hank is a large blue American tender engine.


Thomas and Percy first met Hank at Brendam when he arrived. Thomas was impressed, until Hank told him he was "one of the finest little engines he'd ever seen". Thomas thought of the comment as making fun of his size, and became determined to pull all of Hank's loads himself. While Thomas tired himself out pulling the heavy loads, Hank insisted that he help Thomas with the train. With the strain, Thomas eventually cracked a cylinder and finally decided to accept Hank's offer for help. Hank pushed Thomas to Knapford, where the other engines were waiting to greet Hank. He was transfered to the Rhyndale Railway following that.


Hank is big and bold. He may come across as brash in his cheery confidence and enthusiasm, but being the mighty titan he is, Hank is more than used to being easily seen or heard. With his jolliness, he may seem a little kooky and wacky, especially with so many bells and whistles and a cowcatcher, but big ol' Hank has a big ol' heart and is more than happy to buffer up and lend a helping hand. Using his might, strength, and power to be able to assist others is something that only comes all too naturally to him and he takes it in his stride, without second thought. Hank can become concerned about his friends though, as he gladly keeps an eye out for the other little engines. The only trouble with being Hank is that virtually every engine is little compared to him, accept his rival Murdoch. They would have a contest of strength, but both are much too humble to do that. Or would they?


Hank is based on a Pennsylvania Railroad K4 Pacific. (modified to run on British rails)



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