First Appearance Pilot
Friends Mavis
Voiced By Rhyndale Railway

Fergus is a railway traction engine who is owned by Anopha Quarry.


Fergus was built in 1925.  Fergus mainly works at the cement works and is thus called "the pride of the cement works". He is always busy, and tries to follow the rules. Fergus also helps out Mavis with the quarry cars, and is really useful.


Fergus knows the rulebook off by heart, and his catchphrase is "Do it right!" His insistence on doing everything absolutely according to the rules can annoy the other engines, but he is a decent engine at heart and will not hesitate to help others in trouble. He is very keen on keeping his title, and will stand no nonsense.


  • His catchphrase is "do it right!" which highly annoys Dennis.


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