First Appearance Double Rescue (cameo)
Friends Wilfred, Culdee
Voiced By Open for audition.
Ernest is a mountain engine.


Wilfred was built at the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works in Winterthur, Switzerland, in 1895.

He broke down above the Great Waterton Line in 1962, while Neil and Lady were dropping off passengers.

In 1964, he informed Culdee of the changes that happened to the railway in his absence.


Ernest is very sincere, honest and serious, though he is very strict when it comes to safety. He has never had an accident nor does he ever want one. He hates to be reminded of the time he broke down over the Great Waterton Line. He constantly lectures the other engines about safety, much to the other engine's annoyance. Even so, he manages to be good friends with Wilfred and Culdee.


Culdee Fell Railway
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