• First Appearance: Grand Opening
  • Friends: Donald and Douglas, Oliver, Toad
  • Voice Actor: Luca Dollar
  • Class: GWR 57xx 0-6-0PT
  • Designer: Charles B. Collett
  • Builder: North British Locomotive Company
  • Configuration: 0-6-0PT
  • Built: 1929

Montague, nicknamed Duck, is a Great Western tank engine who works on the Little Western.


Duck worked at Paddington before moving to Sodor in 1955 to take over Percy's shunting duties, leaving the latter free to assist with the construction of Knapford Harbour. Duck was a hard worker, but the others mistook his work ethic for simplicity and tried to use this to their advantage. They soon found their mistake when Duck and Percy took revenge on them by barring them from the shed.


Duck is a kind-hearted Great Western engine who works on the North Western Railway. He runs a branch line called the "Little Western" with Oliver. He always likes to get work done the proper way, for he stands no nonsense. He calls it the "Great Western Way." But Duck is nice, and will always help out a friend in need.


North Western Railway
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