First Appearance Blast From the Past (mentioned)
Friends Flying Scotsman, Flying Thistle, Connor
Voiced By Unknown

Caitlin is an engine owned by the British Preservation Society.


Caitlin and Connor arrived in Britain and were bought by the British Preservation Society in 1970, after ten years of modification. Both Caitlin and Connor run regularly between the Maron and London. Along with Connor, Thomas, Percy and James, she helped with the search of Stephen before Ulfstead Castle's opening. Caitlin once had to spend the night on Sodor and became too excited to listen to advice. During her night on Sodor, she took the mail train and the Flying Kipper. Unfortunately, she did not take others into consideration and ended up depriving many citizens of sleep. In 1990, she was accidentally coupled to Annie and Clarabel, who were in the yard waiting for Thomas, and took them to the mainland, but was stopped by Hiro, who brought them back to Thomas.


Caitlin is a streamlined engine, designed for speed. Along with her friend Connor, Caitlin is an excitable and energetic character, who likes to be busy and loves to race. Both Connor and Caitlin are friendly and eager to get other engines to join in the fun with them. Caitlin is particularly impatient and restless if she has nothing to do. She would rather be racing than sit in a station and be idle. Connor and Caitlin were introduced to the island to bring passengers from the mainland. They zip on and off the island frequently using the Vicarstown Rolling Bridge.


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