Branch Line Bother
Season 2, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 2015 (anticipated)
Written by Rhyndale Railway
Co-written by: TheBlueSunil,
Directed by Rhyndale Railway
Episode guide
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Rex's Arlesdale Ghost Story Lingering Luggage

Branch Line Bother is the second episode of the second season.


Neville is assigned to the Rhyn-arles branch line. His first few trains are sucessful, but when Mike doesn't arrive with his train, Neville becomes suspicious. Meanwhile, Mike is having trouble with the coaches, grumbling and loosing steam. He suddenly perks up when he thinks he sees an engine on the track in front of him, but it dissapears.



  • This episode marks Mike's first appearance.
  • This episode is set in 1967.


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