Bill and Ben
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First Appearance Unknown
Friends Timothy, Marion
Voiced By Unknown

Bill and Ben are tank engine twins that work for the Sodor China Clay Company, near Brendam.


Bill and Ben work in the China Clay Works with Timothy and Marion, They load trucks and take them to the docks to be loaded onto ships. They are always busy, and usually work at the Clay pit. They sometimes work in the harbor yards, and shunt in other yards on the island.


Bill and Ben are Sodor's mischievous saddle tank engine twins, who have great fun in teasing the other engines of the railway. Each has four wheels, a tiny chimney and dome, and a small squat cab. They often work in the China Clay pits and quarries. They are highly prone to playing tricks and being cheeky. But Bill and Ben always do their best to complete their jobs and be really useful.


Sodor China Clay Works
Bill (1) • Ben (2) • Timothy (3) • Marion (4)